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Chapter 3

1:30 AM,  5 hours and 30 minutes till dawn.

"My name is Brian."
"I have been roaming these woods for a long time now and have witnessed some strange things."
"Strange Things like what?" questioned Christina unaware of what was yet to come.
"Something took your friend and I have seen it."explained Brian in a sad tone of voice.
"It? what are you talking about are you are crazy or am I just hallucinating."
"A bit of both, you hit your head really hard and I am actually here cause if i wasn't you would have died about five minutes ago." Brian said, trying to sound all smart and everything.
" Oh Great!" Christina exclaimed in a queasy voice and then past out.

1:45 AM,hours and 15 minutes til' dawn.

"Huh what h-happened?" Alana questioned suddenly to find herself lying down in cave behind a waterfall. As suddenly as she noticed she attempted to stand up and Crack! She plopped back down trying not to scream while balling, she looked down at here leg to notice here leg was all bloody ripped and broken. She couldn't stand up and there fore she was bait and out there her sister Christina was in  Brian's small hut. Christina woke up to see Brian at a camp fire cooking a little squirrel.
"So your awake, I been cooking this little rat. He's been steeling all my almonds and now I got him, what an achievement."
"Oh! And he'll be done in like... I'll say about 7, 10 minutes."
"Great cause I'm Starving, I haven't ate since 7 last night." She said getting ready to sit up but as soon as she she tried Brian came and put her back down on the little bed. When he put here back on the little bed there was a crackle but it came from outside and as Brian went up to the door... BOOM! Will and Christopher barged right in and shouted out...

To be continued.
Please leave a comment and leave in the comment who of all the characters should... die in the 4th chapter.
Sincerely, Tyler

Proof Read By, Ben
Thank you Ben

Chapter 2

12:30 AM, 6 hours 30 minutes till dawn.

"Skreeeeeee! ".
" Huh?" questioned Will as he woke from a deep sleep.
"Christopher wake up." Said Will
. "Huh, Ahhh what... what is it Will?" answered Christopher waking so ever slowly.
" Grab the gun... It's the beast" Will whispered trying not to be to loud.
" Oh no!" "Crash!!" "it's here!" shouted Will as Christopher jumped up ran grabbed the gun, loaded it and "BAM!" Miss "BAM!" Miss again "BAM!" Hit! And the creature screeched and jumped right out the door and disappeared.
"That was close" Christopher yawned.
"We'ed better get out of here and look for the others."
"Good thinking will." Christopher agreed as they grabbed the rest of the ammunition and sent of into the .

1:00 AM, 6 hours til dawn.

"Hey Alana I made a splint and its kinda broken and all but it should do." Christina explained as she came to notice that All of a sudden Alana was gone.
"ALANA!...Hello Were Are YOU!" Shouted Christina as she
started to sweat a cold sweat as she screamed out for Alana.
"ALANA!"Christina shouted frightened of what ever took her friend Alana. As Christina backed up she bumped into something, something rugged and warm but last time she looked there nothing was there, as she turned around she got a glare by some pure red eyes of a mysterious creature but this creature looked more like a human. Christina Screamed and ran as the human like creature attempted to grab  her only but to rip here sweater as she scurried of into the dark forest in the cavern only to find here self 30 seconds later slip and almost fall into a deep dark quarry. Hanging by a limp root the creature comes and attempts to grab here and succeeds, the creature pulled here up and threw her to the ground. Stunned by the fall Christina looks up only to see it more clearly, the creature was covered in chains and cloth and as suddenly as she noticed those features it put its arm up to take the cloth off its face to reveal a human face and the red eyes ended up only being red goggles reflecting off the moon light.
"Who are you"asked Christina?
"My name is...

The End
Sincerely, Tyler



Chapter 1

12:00 AM, 7 hours till dawn.

"Whooosh! " "huh?... who is that?" questioned Alana looking into the bushes.
"what was that" said Christina
"Whoooosh... Skreeeeeeee!"
"Oh no RUN!" screamed Alana as they ran from the unnamed creature. As they ran they were slightly blinded by a fog that only aloud them to see about a meter in front of them, and with that disadvantage they slipt of a cliff and fell into a little lake.
"Sploosh!"... "Alana?" Christina yelled.
"Ahhhhhh!" screamed Alana. As soon as Christina heard it she ran,to find, to her surprise, Alana lying there on the ground, Alana Screamed while crying with a broken leg next to the lake's shore.
"It's gonna be ok Alana, I will make a splint for your leg" reassured Christina.

To be continued.

Sincerely, Tyler



Hello fellow earthlings, this art is weird and slightly funny looking. If you had a choice of what your shadow would do what would you make it do.

01 tyler b 2

Me and My Shadow is some what easy and hard. One thing is the fact that your pencil is probably going to break once or twice because it has to be pitch black, the shadow to be exact... because its a shadow! Have you ever seen a shadow that was green or purple or orange? No! cause there always black. My shadow is based off football cause... I Love FOOTBALL! I imagined my self getting ready to through the winning pass to the wide receiver.

Here is the process to making this fine and elegant design

  1. Figure out your shadow
  2. get the perfect size of a picture of you in the pose
  3. cut out the picture.
  4. put down a line to represent where the floor ends on your sheet of paper.
  5. figure out where your fake light source is so you know where your shadow will be.
  6. now that line that you drew at the start is where you will place the feet of the shadow and begin drawing the shadow.
  7. once you have finished the shadow you then draw the shadow from the pictures feet to the shadow's feet
  8. then you just add stuff like bricks and posters and whatever you want to the background and even maybe add a trash can and give it a shadow.

I think that I did pretty good on my art piece. On shading my shadow... Hmm not so much. I think that I did pretty good on my shadow itself. The background is decent, I think that I could have done a bit better.

Later On about 2 days later the Image was uploaded on to my computer and my instructions were to use PicMonkey. I used it to make it look like the picture was based under water.water football

And that Is Me and My Shadow. Please leave a comment and answer the questions in the paragraphs above.

Sincerely, Tyler


Hello Fellow Earthlings and be ready to read this repetitive post.

For my count three I went to Kyle's blog then Trey's blog and then Elijah's blog.  I read Kyle's Nomination post on why he nominated Trey. Kyle was very specific of why he nominated Trey. He put out at least three to seven different reasons. On Trey's blog I read about his Christmas post and what he loves about Christmas. He loves giving presents to other people and loves playing in the snow with his parents and friends. On Elijah's blog I read about his interview with his grandpa. His interview was about 15 minutes and his grandpa isn't even really his grandpa because their not blood related. And that is my Count out 3 post and don't forget to go and visit their blogs. Thank you for reading and if you comment don't forget your URL! Bye.

Edited by: Kalea


My Trench

Image: Canadian Infantry In The Trenches Ready To Repel An Attack

In the trench
I stand in the mud awaiting the enemy
from foreign lands

I await the gunfire
and the loud shrieking bursts
from the enemy outside my muddy home

My thin small home
made of sandbags and wood
dirt and metal 

The home for many others
other soldiers like me
with families at home

wanting to go back
o the warm fire
and the laughing children

But instead, we stand here
in the cold, wet mud
in are  small, narrow, wet



Hello earthlings, If you haven't had this food... You haven't lived.

Bacon is my favourite food. I love the sound it sizzling and the greasy taste... I'm already slobbering, how 'bout you? Bacon, I find, is awesome with eggs and hash browns and ketchup and orange juice and well, I guess I could list hundreds of things it's good with.

Bacon can be boiled, smoked, grilled, barbequed, and a whole bunch 'a other ways. Bacon is usually back and side cuts of pork. My favourite way to have bacon is with scrambled eggs, slightly burnt hash browns with ketchup and then the greasy, mouth watering, steaming... Bacon.

Facts about Bacon. i got these facts from google search

  1. There is an International Bacon Day on August 31st.
  2. There are about 117 calories in a raw slice of bacon.
  3. There is about 3.5 grams of fat in a slice of bacon.
  4. In a cooked slice of bacon there is approximately 44 calories .
  5. Bacon comes from pigs.


Thank you for reading this post about my favourite food... Bacon.

Credits, Facts obtained using: Wikipedia and google,
Sincerely, Tyler


Hello fellow Earthlings, Be ready to get spooked again by this art.


Here is my haunted house art. Here is how I made it.

  1. I started with pencil and drew the first layer of the house.
  2. I then wrote over the pencil lines with sharpie.
  3. I then got a piece of special paper and used oil pastel to make the grave ground and tree and the moon.
  4. I then lightly painted the background.
  5.  And the last part was cutting out the haunted house so you don't wreck the special parts, glued it on and BAM! Done

I am not to proud of my art but I think I did good. OH! and by the way you don't have to make it 3-D and the houses are more Victorian. If you make one... Tell me if you enjoyed it and or If you liked this post.
See ya.
Sincerely, Tyler


Hey fellow earthlings, Be ready to be spooked out of your socks BOO! You might just already be out of your socks.
Here is my Halloween poem.

As white as clouds,
Spookier than Skeletons,
Louder shrieks than bats,
Who I am you'll, see...
You can walk right throw me,
And I'm from the past,
I am a,
I'm a GHOST!

Also Don't forget to go and check out this scary Halloween story. A Dawn In The Woods. And here Is how to carve a pumpkin.
November 1st
Creative Commons License Quinn Dombrowski via Compfight

#1 don't cut yourself.
#2 follow all rules including this one.

  1. Buy the perfect pumpkin, the right one for you.
  2. Wash the pumpkin and grab a knife and some newspaper with a  sharpie.
  3. Draw a big circle on the top of your pumpkin.
  4. Then cut it out with a knife and gut the pumpkin with a spoon, small spoons work better.
  5. When your done draw the face of your pumpkin on but before you do make sure that you practice making the face a couple of times cause you don't want to mess up.
  6. Then cut it out with precision.
  7. Then light a candle and put it in a stable position, If there is no good position then grab a spoon and make a good one.
  8. Then put it outside and be happy

This is my favorite song from The Living Tombstone.

And that is my Halloween post and I hope you enjoyed and don't forget to watch more of The Living Tombstone.

Sincerely, Tyler

Proofread by, Hayly

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